Kua ‘Aina, Carnaby Street

Slip down a side street in Soho and you will find a tiny Hawaian themed restaurant serving up some of the most juicy burgers and mouthwatering sandwiches inspired by the far away shores of the famous tropical Island. The original Kua Aina has been been based in Hawaii for 35 years and is where President Obama gets his burger fix when visiting his home country. They have expanded to Tokyo, Japan and now London but the same attention to fresh, quality ingredients and great flavour has ensured the success of each reataurant in its own right. Inside there is a laid back beach cafe feel with colourful decor, bamboo roof complete with ceiling fans and authentic Dick Brewer surf boards adorning the wall. There is a varied menu with home-made marinades, seasonings and delicious home-made desserts (the fluffy American pancakes are proving particularly popular). One little tip for when you’re inevitably trying to  reccommend this place to others: it’s pronounced ‘koo-a eye-na,’  a popular Hawaiian word used to described a local who emerses themselves in their native culture. Homework over.


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