Garlic and Shots, Soho

Breaking news! Vampires are invading London in droves as blood shortage in Romania hits crisis point. Ok this may be the result of QL reporter’s slightly over-active imagination brought on by one latte too many but should we in fact be double bluffing you we have at least unearthed the perfect antidote to this hypothetical catastrophe and it comes in the form of a little bar/restaurant in Soho called Garlic and Shots. This is now a fairly well established and popular den of iniquity that has become popular with tourists and Londoners alike. Head to the restaurant for a menu of delicious garlic inspired recipes then head downstairs or to the back garden to sample some of the 101 different garlic infused shots available. Outside it’s cosy even in winter time thanks to the heaters but downstairs is particularly atmospheric- the decor would not seem out of place in the home of Dracula himself. The candles, coffin shaped table and heavy metal music all ads to the quirky charm this place exudes. Pots of parsley on the tables to freshen up your breath post-garlic binge adds the finishing touch! Open Mon-Thurs 17:00 – 12 am, Fri and Sat: 18 – 1am and Sundays 17:00 – 23:30pm.



Garlic and Shots


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