the box

The Box, Soho

If this place were a medicine it would come with a warning on it and as a club it probably should too. It would go something like this: not reccommended for the faint-hearted, sexually inhibited or anyone who likes to remain snugly within their comfort zone. Still intrigued? Read on…

As you scan the cue leading up to the large wooden doors concealing the world of debauchery within, you will notice that most guests are dripping in designer clobber with an ehanced RP accent to match. Stating matters bluntly, unless you are part of the beautiful set, a celebrity or have a bank account ending in multiple zeros it’s fairly unlikely you’ll get in. If you do manage to aquire the golden ticket your night begins as you ascend the staircase, past the fornicating cherubs lining the walls and into a dimly lit room with antique furniture and large mirrors. The main show begins at 1am and it’s at this point where you must be prepared for anything- transvestites, strippers, extreme sexual exploits and general perversion. These infamous cabaret shows are what has earned this venue its reputation as the naughtiest club in town. The fact that Prince (the naughty one) Harry, Princess Eugene and numerous celebrities have paid a visit merely serves to re-enforce this reputation. For those still brave enough to give it a go- doors open from 11pm onwards Wednesdays – Saturdays.

the box

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