Evans and Peel, Earls Court Road

If you were fascinated by the world of Bugsy Malone as a child then you are probably going to have a lot of fun at this bar. Slip through the door and down the staircase on this non-desript street just off Earl’s Court Road and you will find yourself suddenly transported, Dr. Who styley into a 19-20’s detective agency. You will find a glass door stating simply ‘Evans and Peel Detective Agency.’Be prepared at this point as you will be asked by the secretary for the specific¬†details of your imaginary case. ¬†Once your case has been registered the assistant will open a hidden doorway (We at QL have an ongoing love affair with hidden doorways) and you will be lead into a charmingly retro and rustic room filled with random antiques and a distinctly illicit 1920’s speakeasy vibe. Next it’s time to order your drink, the A and T (apple, elderflower and tonic alternative to the G and T) should hit the spot then choose from the American tapas style menu of classic dishes. This place is fun with a capital F, an adult way to return to your childhood days of ‘let’s pretend.’ To ensure entry book online a week in advance or just turn up an try your luck!
Open Tuesday – Thursday: 5 – 12am and Friday/Saturday: 5 – 12:30am
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