Punchdrunk Theatre

Theatre often talks about breaking down barriers between the audience and the actor. Punchdrunk theatre company doesn’t just break them down, it annihilates them completely so that the audience is immersed in every thought, feeling and action of the characters.


The production is situated in The Temple, a vast London space that allows the audience free reign to explore the various rooms and floors in their own time as they piece together the clues to a story that is shrouded in mystery. Inspired by Georg Buchner’s fractured play but set in 1960’s Los Angeles, the Temple building has been turned into a Hollywood studio where glamorous film stars and hungry young hopefuls are thrown together.

You are given a mask to wear on arrival which helps you to abandon your identity as you embark on the crazy adventure ahead. Wandering through the building you will witness bizarre and surprising pieces of theatre and intriguing nooks and crannies that will by the end leave a lasting impression and hopefully a deeper understanding of what this piece is about.


Whether you love or hate this production, you will leave feeling challenged by this innovative and unforgettable piece of theatre. This is a three hour experience, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it, so wear the right footwear and leave heavy bags at home. Tickets are ¬£47.50 and performances at 5pm or 9pm. Performances on ¬†Tuesdays – Sundays until the end of February.





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