Bedlam at Brixton Beach Boulevard

Just before we were blanketed by wet and rainy June we we were blessed with a few days of sun and luckily one of those days happened to fall upon one of the most Summer inspired pop up events we have ever been to called Brixton Beach Boulevard. The creators of South Pole Saloon have really pulled it out of the bag this time creating a rooftop space in the heart of Brixton that has been turned into an 80’s Miami beach party complete with music, street food, cocktails and performances.
Unassuming from the outside once we’d made our way in the first thing I noticed was the delicious feeling of sand between my toes! looking up it was like a scene from Baywatch on acid.  Girls in sequinned dresses with colourful hair were dancing on a lifeguard watch tower with boys in red swimming shorts creating a really buzzy party atmosphere.
Feeling peckish we headed straight for the food stalls and there was certainly plenty to chose from. Buttermilk burgers by The Other Side or beer battered hake tacos with croquettes at Nanny Bill’s, Mac and cheese from Mac to the Future or hand cut chips from Lucky Pierre with hearty toppings… I went for the latter.
I loved the scrumptious home made chips sprinkled with rosemary sea salt and a steak topping sourced from a local Butcher with a generous helping of Bearnaise sauce- yum!
We were soon joined by this little one, party invitation in hand…
 Next it was time for a cheeky frozen cocktail
Ginnie wasn’t far behind me deciding to opt for a pint at the bar instead.
Following the signs ‘downtown’ we decided to venture deeper in to the Miami jungle!
As the traffic lights were red we decided to stop off for a Malibu coconut cocktail on the way. The coconut drinks holder was a lovely touch, I could have sipped this cocktail all night it tasted so good!
We turned the corner and were thrilled to discover an 80’s wonderland complete with pastel coloured night club and a mini Miami style street featuring a retro salon, traditional American diner and even a seedy American motel room to sleep off those cocktails!
My friend took full advantage of the free bed but his slumber was soon interrupted by some kooky American visitors looking for a slice of the party action!
We decided to make our escape before things got heavy only to bump into a copper who had a few questions to ask about exactly what happened in the motel room!
 We made our excuses to the police as we had a very important hair appointment booked in at the Salon round the corner!
Followed shortly after by a trip to the all American diner. The waitress seemed to be on a cigarette break so we had to make our own fun instead!
As dusk fell over our retro playground things got even sillier
We confess that we had so much fun we were the last ones standing, having loved every minute at this quirky pop-up! So perm up that hair and head on down, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Brixton Beach Boulevard is on every Thursday to Sunday until the 28th August 2016.
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