A move to Fulham and an Octoberfest Pub

It’s only been a few weeks since Ginnie has returned from her travelling experience, her sense of wunderlust temporarily satiated. It’s been fun following her journey and staying in contact has been much easier than when I went travelling and had to depend on good old fashioned phone lines to maintain contact with family and friends. And yes, that does make me feel old! Now she’s back and on to her next adventure, a little closer to home this time- a move to Fulham. We decided to combine her moving in day with a visit to somewhere quirky near her new home.
After some discussion regarding the best mode of transport we decided my trusty green car Burt would be the best option. It wasn’t long before we’d filled Burt up with luggage and set off, Ginnie nattering away as I tried my best to keep an eye on the satnav. Fortunately the journey went smoothly and before we knew it we were parked and making our way up to the flat. Surrounded by lovely food  shops, cafes and just next to a gorgeous green, I was half tempted to move in myself! We decided to explore the area more and, after a quick check on my quirky list of places to visit, found somewhere I’d always wanted to visit that just so happened to be a short walk away- Octoberfest Pub.
The first time I saw Octoberfest Pub I was sat upstairs on a London bus. I remember thinking how it really stood out from all the other shops and restaurants on the street like a beacon of German kitsch so I was looking forward to exploring inside.
Soon we were outside and making our way down the leafy streets enjoying the blue sky and sunshine.
One more corner, a short walk down a busier street and we found ourselves at our destination.
There were two very friendly bar men inside who just so happened to be German and were only too pleased to recommend the best beers to try.
There are over 60 German beers to choose from as well as authentic Bavarian cuisine all of which is imported from the same people who supply Oktoberfest with theirs. The boys were happy to recommend the best beers to try. Ginnie went for the famous Munich Paulaner beer.
And I chose my favourite strawberry beer, Fruhli. They don’t sell it in many places so I was pretty excited to try it out… think the sugar rush went to my head a little!
Next it was time to delve into the menu and try some of Octoberfest Pub’s finest dishes. I couldn’t decide between the giant pretzel, the sausage on a rope and the cheese stuffed sausage with sauerkraut and potato salad so I did what any sensible girl on a diet would do. I ordered the lot.
Pretzels are great but a giant pretzel served warm and smothered in butter, I was in heaven!
The cheese stuffed sausages were a definite hit with us.
Feeling rather portly after the hefty meal, Ginnie and I decided to take a wander round the pub.
I particularly loved the traditional German outfit the bar lady was wearing. I was tempted to ask if she fancied swapping outfits…
And we took a moment to read what Octoberfest is all about.
The  staff are so friendly and welcoming here and were more than happy to sit and chat to us, recommending what to choose on the menu and answering any questions we had.
On Saturdays Octoberfest Pub has a German band playing so we’re more than a little tempted to pay a second visit.
Now I had better finish this post before I make a pun about how good the German sausage was. Oh dear, too late!
Find out more about Octoberfest Pub here.
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