An unexpected ending to a night at Savure, Shoreditch

Last Wednesday night Davina and I were treated to a feast of Italian delicacies at a bloggers evening hosted by the lovely new Italian restaurant Savure on Paul Street.

The evening started off with lashings of fine red wine, and platters of both cured meats and cheese. The meaty one was a delicious assortment of Parma ham, salami and mortadella which must have been good as my mouth is watering again just thinking about it.


The highlight was most definitely the Burrata cheese however, which is a sophisticated version of mozzarella, much creamier and really melts in your mouth. May be a bit pricier but I would thoroughly recommend it.


This was meant to be a photo of the burrata, photo of course not doing it justice..I blame the vino!

After feasting on the starters we made our way over to the resident pasta chef to watch how the pasta was made using only eggs and flour. The pasta looked incredibly fresh and we couldn’t wait to try it!

img_3432 img_3437


The waitress soon brought over our first dish to try- a spinach and ricotta ravioli. Simple yet delicious, a classic combination that satisfied my cravings and got me in the mood for more!




Next was a linguini in a meaty ragu sauce, another classic and really and truly scrumptious. Definitely my favourite of the lot, the beef and tomato sauce was blended perfectly and the flavour was incredible.


Third serving of pasta was gnocchi in a vegetable and tomato based sauce which was fresh, flavour packed and expertly seasoned, couldn’t fault it.


Lastly we were served a chickpea pasta which had actually been made using ground chickpea flour and eggs so was it was gluten free. The pasta was served very simply tossed in butter and Rosemary, it was quite a dense pasta but the simple combination of simple flavours worked surprisingly well. I myself would probably have enjoyed more of a sauce or accompaniment yet I believe the point was to draw attention to the taste of the pasta which it definitely achieved.

Chickpea pasta and moi reaching carb overload..

Chickpea pasta and moi sitting back while reaching carb overload..



Time to try the tiramisu!


A bit on the merry side!

More red wine and tiramisu followed until we felt we couldn’t breathe if we tried one more morsel so we thanked the lovely staff of Savure and hauled our carb filled tummies onto the street . As we were saying our goodbyes we suddenly noticed a rather extravagant vintage car pulling up outside a very nondescript building opposite. An older man sporting a Sherlock Holmes style hat and coat was standing near the door, whilst some very sassy looking women stepped out of the vehicle in front. Our curiosity piqued, Davina hopped across the road to investigate. Before we knew it we were seated in an underground bar sipping on cocktails surrounded by scantily clad women at  ’23 Paul Street’, a gentlemans club.


Described as a ‘strip tease club for only the most discerning of rogues’ there are no poles or dance floors here, but a more laid-back vibe with ladies walking around and having a chat with the clientele lounging on red leather settees and armchairs with a bar serving up delicious cocktails. I am unsure of what my drink was called but it tasted like a slightly sweeter and dark rum based mojito- very seductive and a perfect way to end a brilliant and slightly unusual night!

Chin chin!

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