Behind a Fridge Door at The Breakfast Club, Liverpool Street

A few maple Jim Beam and cokes later we were once again traversing the streets of London, this time with an undeterrable resolve to reach our destination without any more stop-offs. Fortunately it wasn’t long before we found The Breakfast Club tucked away on a back street just across the road from Liverpool Street Station.

Were greeted by a very friendly waiter who was about to lead us to a table and hand us some menus when I stopped him in his tracks by saying ‘we want to see the mayor of scaredy cat town.’ At this point he gave us a knowing look, discarded the menus and lead us to a large white ‘Smegg’ fridge door. To our delight he proceeded to open the fridge door and stepped inside beaconing us to follow. I can only describe this moment as akin to the spine-tingling thrill experienced the first time I read the iconic scene in Narnia where Lucy finds a wintery wonderland at the back of a large wardrobe. This must be the the adult version- with booze at the end instead.

Not your average fridge.

Not your average fridge.


As we followed our waiter downstairs we passed a big neon Thrills sign on the way…




…and found ourselves in a bustling little speakeasy lit only by a few lamps which added to its intimate and undercover atmosphere.






We mused that The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town would be the perfect venue for a date- dim lights with a low-key, relaxed atmosphere. However by this point we were starving and after noticing there were only bar snacks on the menu, we decided to head upstairs again for a proper meal.

The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town

The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town


Upstairs is a much brighter affair, the place is well lit and has a slightly old-fashioned diner feel. We ordered a buttermilk and sriracha chicken burger with skin-on fries, and one chilli with rice. The chilli was pretty hot so order with caution if you’re not a fan of spicy food. Both meals were tasty, especially the burger- a great combo of tender chicken, onions and melted cheese in a light brioche bun and the chips were delicious as well. (The ailoi dip helped.)











It was a charming affair at the Breakfast Club and the elusive Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. As we prepared to make our journey home we couldn’t help but notice this fellow saluting us on the way out!






We absolutely loved this restaurant and hidden bar- if you’re looking to impress someone with something totally original and unexpected then we couldn’t recommed this secret venue highly enough. In fact we’re already planning our next visit!

Check out our next post where we (finally) make it to Summer Tales pop up!


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