Beyond The Waterfall

We like to think we have had quite a few quirky experiences since we began our adventures with our Quirky London blog but occasionally something comes along that is so mind bogglingly strange and intriguing that it takes us by surprise. You may need to unwrap yourself from your Winter blanket and perch on the edge of your sofa as we tell you all about the fantastical world we discovered….. ‘Beyond The Waterfall.’

When I first heard about an ingenious new pop up bar in the heart of Westfields shopping centre it seemed too exciting to be true. A rowing boat that takes you to an Aladdin’s cave full of precious stones that finally leads you to a cocktail bar serving up drinks using botanical ingredients from the sea served to you by hunky mermen. Hard to believe the real life experience will live up to the hype we thought….

Well my friends, it was better!

After wandering through the shopping centre trying not to get distracted by the dazzling lights and shops bursting with tempting things we finally spotted a small queue of people with a bouncer at the front. We were given a very friendly greeting and handed a couple of champagne vouchers so we soon found ourselves at the bar happily waiting for the adventure to begin.

Below is Ginnie pretending she shops regularly at Louis Vuitton.


After a couple of glasses we were in the mood for fun as we were called to the entrance.

Once inside we were greeted by a beautiful mermaid who took our coats.


I stopped to marvel over the wonderful dresser full of fascinating curiosities all with equally intriguing labels.




We made our way down a sea blue tunnel towards a cave like entrance.


And were greeted by a man on guitar. Obviously.


Next we were handed a blue cocktail to help us along our journey.



I became a little nervous as I realised I had to steer my own rowing boat. I managed, with a little push from some of the helpful underwater staff, to make my way in the direction of the waterfall. As I was approaching it I was encouraged to look under my seat where I found an umbrella to use! These guys really have thought of everything!


It’s hard to capture on camera how exciting the atmosphere was at this point. It felt as though we truly had reached Aladdin’s cave as we gazed at the twinkling lights above and breathed in the alcoholic mist rising off the water- another inspired touch!


After stepping back on dry land I felt I deserved a swig of my shimmering cocktail!


As if by magic a wizard appeared to give me some words of wisdom before leading me to a selection of precious gems. Asking me to wave my hand over the stones he then told me to pick my favourite as a good luck charm for the journey ahead. I naturally chose the biggest one- a pink rose quartz that I still have as a momento from the night.






After seeing the warning signs above the entrance I did what any other sensible young girl would do….

headed straight in!




Following the rope like an old lady fumbling in the dark, it was with some relief that I turned the corner to find myself at my destination- the mermaid bar.

We were immediately offered drinks and chocolate truffles rolled in a blue dust made with pernod liquer, very sour on the outside with a lovely truffle centre.




It didn’t take us long to spot the merman lounging voluptuously above the bar.


‘I sponged down the merman as he played the xylophone to me’ is a sentence I never thought I’d say. But this happened.


Being sisters Ginnie had to come and steal him off me…




In case you didn’t notice from the picture above the merman bartender was submerged in water! As well as looking after the bar he would regularly stop and give lucky punters a hand massage with essential oils.

While Ginnie had fun with her new friend I consoled myself with some more chocolate truffles disguised quite beautifully as precious stones.


The merman below seemed to relish the media attention like a rock star….


Until he got bored and decided to play on his fiddle instead (snigger, snigger)


We absolutely loved the drag queen merman host who had the most wonderful fake eye lashes I’ve ever seen!

As our time drew to a close the merman, lead by the effervescent host, performed the national (mermaid) anthem which began with A Little Mermaid’s classic ‘Under The Sea,’ the second verse moving on to TLC’s ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls.’ It could NOT have been a better ending to a truly fabulous and unforgettable night.


As we made our way reluctantly back out into the shopping centre we were handed an alcoholic lollipop, a cute finishing touch to the night.

What was so special about Bompas and Parr’s ‘Beyond The Waterfall’ was the attention to every detail, nothing was overlooked allowing you to truly become immersed in the crazy experience. The price for this event is £15 which includes two free cocktails, incredibly reasonable for what you get. Tickets are selling like freshly baked mince pies so get on the case, you won’t regret it!

Buy tickets here.







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