Big Apple Brixton

If you haven’t got enough time or money for the real NY christmas experience, we’ve found the perfect alternative for you in the form of Big Apple Brixton about a 10 minute walk from Brixton tube station. It was a suitable frosty night when myself and Ginnie set out to find out more about this intriguing event. Wrapped up in double layers of everything we stood still shivering at the platform waiting for the train to take us to what sounded like a very festive celebration  of all things festive New York style. We absolutely loved the Beach boulevard event that was put on by the same company in the Summer and had high hopes for this one too- we weren’t disappointed!

As soon as you arrive you will see an old fashioned speak easy style bar under the guise of a cinema to your left and a santa in a car filled with presents and candy canes to your right- I guess that’s how the big man travels in the city!



As we ventured further in we looked up to see a giant xmas tree twinkling in front of us.


We soon felt we were in the heart of NY city as we began to take in all the colourful ‘shops’ and street signs, bars and more.











We had built up quite an appetite from the journey in so our minds turned quickly to the food district. Luckily we were spoilt for options! Pizza, macaroni, and burger stalls all vied for our attention!





We decided on the Burger Bear option, mainly due to the shortest cue time, and were soon tucking in to beautifully moist beef burgers with all the trimmings- cheese, bacon and a sweet chutney. It was melt in the mouth delicious! To wash it down I had one of the tastiest mulled wine I’ve tried so far! Perfect sweet to spice ratio!


On entry we had been handed a pair of lovespecs which Ginnie decided to try out. The serious part is that lovespecs was created in order to support Unite Foundations grass roots projects in Malawi. The fun part is the specs filter every beam of light into a rainbow of hearts, a perfect idea at Christmas time! To find out more about the cause and to volunteer click here.


Hearing there was cabaret about to start we decided to take a peek… and got rather an eye full!


Then came the main act…


Yes, we weren’t sure either…


Unfortunately the cabaret was a bit disappointing, a small crowd gathered but soon dispersed to more vibrant areas to carry on the party.

Perhaps being inspired by the glitter being thrown in our direction by the drag queen we decided to leave the cabaret and fully embrace the festive spirit by getting sparkled up by some professionals instead! Ginnie was the guinea pig and went first.


A few minutes later and Ginnie was ready for the top of the Christmas tree!




Practising my glittered up thank you Santa face a little too hard….


While Ginnie did her best urban street fairy impression.



Big Apple Brixton is a fantastic way to get your Christmas vibes on and the perfect alternative night out! We’re already excited to see what they come up with for their Summer event!







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