Breads Etcetera, Clapham

All those on the ‘no carbs beore marbs diet’ please stop reading… in fact if you know where this expression comes from and do indeed yourself follow the lives of the infamous TOWIE characters you can also stop reading because we at QL are far too high-minded and sophisticated to watch that kind of drivel and we certainly don’t keep up with it on a weekly basis… Ahem. However I digress. Breads Etcetera is basically one of the best places to get breakfast or a pizza in the evening in Clapham. Having frequented this cafe often I will add a word of warning that there are often queues at peak times of the morning so it’s best to be an early bird if you fancy paying a visit. Even if you can’t part from your duvet it’s well worth the queue because this rustic little eatery has a great buzz and the breakfasts will certainly set you up for the day!  But what’s quirky about this place I hear you cry. Simply the fact that there is a toaster on each table allowing you to take the reigns and become master of all your toast requirements- it’s surprisingly fun sitting at the table waiting for the toast to pop up!


Surely pushing the toaster button down counts as making your own breakfast…?

There is also a great variety of different breads including, white, rye and seeded in a massive basket and providing you choose the all day breakfast option you are allowed an unlimited supply.



Whether your passion is rye, sourdough or good old-fashioned white this place has your every bread need covered

There also some other fantastic and original  choices such as the ‘Wild Mushrooms,’ which comes with fried wild mushrooms and a choice of chicken liver or mackeral pate or smoked bacon, as well as other options from around the globe including ‘The Skandinavian Chilled’ or the ‘Full on Aussie’. Alternatively, the Fresh fruit and nut french toast that comes with maple syrup and cream is deliciously sinful.


With fantastic options for vegetarians and vegans and great sourdough pizzas in the evening, this is a little secret the people of Clapham have known about for a while now. It’s the perfect place to chill with the paper as you easy yourself into the weekend and the fact it’s reasonably priced is also a bonus. After much consideration we think maybe a few carbs are ok after all….


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Essential Info
127 Clapham High St, London SW4 7SS ‎
Opening hours:
Open Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm
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