Bubbledogs, Charlotte Street

What’s the perfect accompaniment to a nice chilled glass of champers. Caviar? Smoked salmon? Strawberries? Wrong, the answer in this case is: A hot dog.

The people at Bubbledogs have ventured to challenge our preconceptions by creating a restaurant specialising in just that- champagne and hot dogs. Based on Charlotte Street, not far from Oxford Circus, this is the perfect place to come to for date night, a cheeky office lunch break or simply to grab a quick bite with a friend.



A fine example of self-control. We were desperate to tuck in at this point!


As soon as you walk in the attentive bar staff are there to show you to your table where you are given a menu mainly made up of various champagnes and of course a mouth-watering selection of hot dogs. We at QL can recommend ‘the fourth of July’ as being particularly tasty. The combination of BBQ sauce, finely shredded coleslaw and bacon bits meant this particular hot dog wasn’t around for very long. To complete the picture you’d be missing out not to order a side of either tots (mini hash brown) or sweet potato fries. Just be careful when ordering the ‘horny dog,’ it can get a tad embarrassing when having to repeat the name several times to a the waitress as one QL reviewer discovered!



‘4th of July’ Hot Dog, ‘Horny Dog’ and 2 sides – sweet potato fries and ‘tots’- very tasty!



Horny dog anyone????


With high tables to sit at and walls decorated with various comic cartoons of dogs turned into hot dogs, the atmosphere is informal and fun, even the toilets are quirky with walls covered artistically with Menus from other restaurants.



The subtle selfie



Even the toilets are quirky! We love the menu covered wallpaper


The prices here are reasonable (hotdogs from £6.50) making it a fantastic option for those needing a fast food hit in a lovely environment. Now what else can we serve up with with champagne…? Doner Kebab anyone? Ok maybe we had one glass too many.

Check out their website here!



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