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Souvlakis in Soho that ended in a Peep show

Due to Ginnie’s globe trotting and my surprise pregnancy news (yes at the grand old age of 35 I am about to welcome a mini human into the world!) we felt it had been far too long since our last London adventure! We decided to invite our trusty photographer and long time Quirky London supporter Nik […]

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Mr Fogg’s Residence, Mayfair

We had been meaning to check out Mr Foggs themed bar in Mayfair for a while so when we finally set a date I had one question buzzing round my head…. who exactly was Phileas Fogg and why was he so famous? I soon discovered (with a little help from Wikipedia) that he was the […]

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Bedlam at Brixton Beach Boulevard

Just before we were blanketed by wet and rainy June we we were blessed with a few days of sun and luckily one of those days happened to fall upon one of the most Summer inspired pop up events we have ever been to called Brixton Beach Boulevard. The creators of South Pole Saloon have […]

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A late night visit to The Four Thieves, Clapham

Have you ever been standing in a queue waiting to get into a bar when you think to yourself, wouldn’t it be great if someone just showed up and started handing drinks out? Well it turns out the people at The Four Thieves pub in Clapham are thoughtful enough to do exactly that. Our friends were helped […]

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