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2016-07-17 17.11.52

Citadel Festival Fun, Victoria Park

If there is one regret I have  from my miss spent youth it’s not going to enough festivals. The chance to dress up in any wacky way I like, eat and drink all day, watch amazing performers and meet fellow free spirits who are all there to have fun and forget about life’s worries has […]

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Bedlam at Brixton Beach Boulevard

Just before we were blanketed by wet and rainy June we we were blessed with a few days of sun and luckily one of those days happened to fall upon one of the most Summer inspired pop up events we have ever been to called Brixton Beach Boulevard. The creators of South Pole Saloon have […]

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Retro Times at Disco Picnic, Peckham

After a large dose of Christmas shopping with my friend Sam, feet and minds tired from pounding the pavements and visiting all the mainstream shops and shopping centres, I was beginning to feel a rapidly growing need for an antidote, preferably involving alcohol. Luckily I had something totally different up my sleeve in the form of a new […]

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The South Pole Saloon, Brixton

It was a drizzly wet night when we set off on our trek to find out more about Brixton’s latest addition to the Christmas party scene- an adult Winter Wonderland named, rather intriguingly ‘The South Pole Saloon.’ The invitation stated ‘Legend has it that deep in the snow drifts of the South Pole, there is […]

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Fish ‘in’ Chips in the City

Yesterday we braved the tube strikes to head into central London for a very good cause-  to fill our bellies with fish and chips. But this wasn’t just any old cod and greasy fries this was Krug and chips, a new pop-up that is happening at the Covent Garden East piazza until the end of […]

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