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Souvlakis in Soho that ended in a Peep show

Due to Ginnie’s globe trotting and my surprise pregnancy news (yes at the grand old age of 35 I am about to welcome a mini human into the world!) we felt it had been far too long since our last London adventure! We decided to invite our trusty photographer and long time Quirky London supporter Nik […]

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Hawthorn, AUS

It was the day after Rainbow Serpent festival and I was surprisingly spritely for someone who’d been sleeping on the floor of a tent next to a psytrance stage for four nights. I love Hawthorn, and the drive over there is a cool way to see more of Melbourne so I wanted to squeeze in a […]

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An unexpected ending to a night at Savure, Shoreditch

Last Wednesday night Davina and I were treated to a feast of Italian delicacies at a bloggers evening hosted by the lovely new Italian restaurant Savure on Paul Street. The evening started off with lashings of fine red wine, and platters of both cured meats and cheese. The meaty one was a delicious assortment of […]

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Food heaven at Dinerama, Shoreditch

There is one particular problem surrounding the fact that the younger but taller of the Richards sisters has moved to London- the fact that we can no longer liaise over the clothes we are planning to wear. And so it was that, thanks to some sort of unwelcome sibling telepathy, we ended up both dressed in outfits […]

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