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A move to Fulham and an Octoberfest Pub

It’s only been a few weeks since Ginnie has returned from her travelling experience, her sense of wunderlust temporarily satiated. It’s been fun following her journey and staying in contact has been much easier than when I went travelling and had to depend on good old fashioned phone lines to maintain contact with family and […]

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Behind a Fridge Door at The Breakfast Club, Liverpool Street

A few maple Jim Beam and cokes later we were once again traversing the streets of London, this time with an undeterrable resolve to reach our destination without any more stop-offs. Fortunately it wasn’t long before we found The Breakfast Club tucked away on a back street just across the road from Liverpool Street Station. […]

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The School House, Battersea

On a very wet and blustery Thursday, armed with umbrellas and clothes that weren’t warm enough we set out to Battersea on an exploration. Determined not to be put off by the weather we grabbed our breakfast of coffees to go and nestled into our seats on the train. It didn’t take us long to […]

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Porridge Cafe, Old Street

Not long ago¬†we brought to your attention London’s very first cereal cafe that’s lent a whole new twist to breakfasting out and today we want to share with you another freshly opened gem- London’s very first Porridge cafe! Porridge has long been associated as a staple but rather predictable breakfast option perhaps bringing to the […]

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The Underground Supper Club, Walthamstow

Imagine for one moment a world where instead of shuffling about impatiently on the tube, trying desperately to avoid eye contact with the person opposite as you browse your phone for any kind of distraction you instead arrive relaxed ready to enjoy a fantastic meal, a few drinks and a nice chat with someone you’ve […]

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