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Rainbow Serpent festival, AUS

If you’ve been there already then fellow Rainbower, I share the love <3  This was my experience.. Five sun drenched days of bohemian escapades set against a backdrop of rolling hills and pulsating pystrance at the unforgettable Rainbow Serpent festival in Lexton, Australia. After a reasonably long journey and managing to squeeze our tent into a very cosy camp […]

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Hawthorn, AUS

It was the day after Rainbow Serpent festival and I was surprisingly spritely for someone who’d been sleeping on the floor of a tent next to a psytrance stage for four nights. I love Hawthorn, and the drive over there is a cool way to see more of Melbourne so I wanted to squeeze in a […]

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City Day, Melbourne AUS

Sunny, cooler days in Melbourne call for a day trip to the city. Earlier on in January, when I was lucky enough to revisit my previous stomping ground in Australia for a few weeks,  a visit through the suburbs and into the CBD felt a necessary pilgrimage to make and as we woke up to […]

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An impromptu trip to Copenhagen

A still-drunk, middle-of-the-night kind of start to the weekend away in Copenhagen, alarm set for 4.45 am which was by no means a pain free way to start the weekend but it was all worth it for the time Cam and I shared in Denmark’s distinguished capital, Copenhagen. As we settled into our room and took […]

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