Cereal Killer Cafe, Brick Lane

Drumroll please! We are here to present the UK’s very first cereal cafe. It seems the media is a-buzz with interest for this quirky new addition to the Brick Lane scene but does it have the snap, crackle and pop to establish itself in the long run? Cereal Killer Cafe is the brainchild of  Gary and Alan Keery, identical twins from Ireland who came up with the idea after waking up with a hangover and a massive craving for a big bowl of  cereal. A year and a half later, after much fund-raising this dream has become a reality and its doors are now open to the cereal loving public.
The cafe offers 120 different types of cereal purchased from all over the world, 20 different toppings such as marshmallows or banana and 12 different types of milk. The idea is that you step back in time and induge your nostalgia for the 80’s/90’s .
Gary Keeley explains ‘We just want people to walk in and think: ‘God, do you remember this?’ and just to feel like a kid again.’ The decor heavily reflects with retro furniture, 90’s music playing and 80’s/90’s magazines and toys dotted around.

The cerreal also reflects this bygone era featuring vintage and limited edition cereals and some very unusual options from America such as the ‘Poppin Pebbles,’ a berry flavoured cereal with popping candy in it or the ‘Count Chocula and Franken-berry,’ a limited adition Halloween cereal only available for one month of the year in the States. There are also more mainstream classics available such as special k, frosties and rice crispies. As if this all isn’t exciting enough for you hardcore cerreal addicts, there are also ‘cereal cocktails’ on the menu allowing you to mix different flavoured cereals with different milks and toppings according to your taste. Open from 7am – 10 pm you can get your fix for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A small bowl costs £2.50, a medium £3 and a large £3.50. We can’t think of a more surreal way to spend the day! (Sorry I couldn’t resist that one) For more info visit their site here.


Essential Info
Opening hours:
7am – 10pm daily
139 Brick Lane,

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