Covent Garden Catch Up

It had been a while since our last trip to London so it was a with a wave of excitement that I set off to the station, wrapped up warmly on top with an over sized scarf and rather less warmly from the waist down due to a brave skirt and boots ensemble.
Covent Garden was the designated meeting spot for the day and it wasn’t long before we were sat opposite one another babbling away about post Halloween adventures and Guy Fawkes Night adventures to come. We soon discovered talking can be a hunger inducing activity and so set off in search for some sustenance. We decided to visit Cafe Pacifico, a Mexican restaurant we had been meaning to try for a while, for a late lunch. What better way to warm up on a cold day in London than with some hearty Mexican comfort food!
They offer a great lunch time deal which is any main for £6 and any main with a cocktail or non alcoholic punch for £10. Guess which option I went for….

Margarita for me!

We nibbled on the complimentary nachos while studying the menu.
Ginnie chose a traditional chicken burrito for her main and I decided to try the Mexican fish and chips that consisted of  lightly battered tilapia pieces with sweet potato chips and a delicately spiced mayo dip.
Would have been nice to have slightly more tilapia fish on the plate but we ended up sharing the lot so it didn’t matter too much.
Cafe Pacifico is a fun place to go for an alternative and very reasonably priced lunch but we could tell, partly due to the enormous bar, that it’s at night that this place really gets going. Perfect for after work drinks, a dinner date or a special occasion, this bar and restaurant has a great party atmosphere.
Feeling like two podgy burritos ourselves we wobbled out of the restaurant and onto the street outside. Almost immediately our eyes were drawn to a quirky looking bar right next door. Sandwiched between Cafe Pacifico and the famous Pineapple Studios is a bar called ‘Foundation.’ We headed down the wooden stairs to explore our random find.
The bar was quiet because it was late afternoon so we took advantage by having a good old fashioned nose around. As you descend the staircase, the heavy chains and wooden paneling gives the impression that you are entering a diss-used warehouse but as you venture further inside you realise that this venue is much more unique than that. The decor is a mix of retro furniture and secret corners and spaces each with a different vibe.
The dirty washing up under the counter certainly made us feel at home!
Still feeling stuffed from our Mexican feast we decided against a drink but had a quick look at the cocktail menu and we’re definitely going back to try some soon!
We decided to stretch our legs so made our way back out into the now faded daylight to take in the twinkling lights of London’s theatre district. Our final stop was a place we had been meaning to visit for ages, a clandestine cabaret bar called ‘Cellar Door‘ hidden beneath a converted public toilet on one of London’s busiest streets.
Unfortunately as we descended the steps the smell of disinfectant hung in the air, a rather off-putting reminder of this bar’s previous existence. Once downstairs the atmosphere is better, the snug space is made to feel bigger than it actually is due to the mirrored walls and the bar offers up an interesting cocktail list including such quirky concoctions as ‘Starbucks Must Die’ (served in a traditional china tea cup and saucer). I went for the rather lethal sounding ‘Acid Rain’ which was in fact a surprisingly refreshing blend of citrus flavours.
One thing that make this bar particularly unconventional is the fact that you can buy a box or a line of snuff over the counter as a perfectly legal way to get high. I had always been curious to try some so I decided it was now or never! The barman recommended a snuff that combined an apparently potent mix of coffee and chocolate, so I bought a box and settled down to indulge.
A few sneezes, coughs and splutters later I came to the conclusion that this will be a one off experience for me! Although not tempted to try some herself at least Ginnie was riveted by what was going on…
Later that night as I lay in bed trying in vain to fall asleep, thoughts and memories from the day whirling round my head, I began to think maybe that little box of snuff was perhaps rather potent after all…!


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