Edible Cinema, Notting Hill/Shoreditch

First there was black and white film, then colour and sound transformed the cinematic experience, and finally 3D and 4D cinema arrived allowing the audience to feel completely immersed in the on screen world. But the Edible Cinema has come up with a concept that takes the sensory experience one step further by creating a selection of tastes to accompany and enhance specific moments in the film.

At the beginning you are given a short explanatory introduction before being handed a box with a selection of small food samples and as the film progresses you will intermittently see a number flash up on screen that corresponds to a number in your box. Each food sample has been carefully created to evoke an emotion by reflecting the environment, words and feelings of the characters in the film. For example, in the scene in Pan’s Labyrinth where the characters run through the forest, the flavours in the box have been carefully chosen to reflect this with pine flavoured popcorn mirroring the smells of the forest and the ‘crunch’ element reflecting the noise and feeling of the pine laden floor.

In Some Like It Hot, during the scene where Sugar’s character entices Junior to kiss her by feeding him champagne the mood is reflected in a bite sized morsel of Champagne flavoured Turkish Delight covered in popping candy to represent the champagne bubbles. Edible Cinema is a collaborative venture between Soho House and Teatime productions that is sponsored by Bombay Saphire. Indeed Sam Carter, Bombay Saphire’s senior mixologist has used his inspiration to come up with the exciting drinks element of the menu. Edible cinema is challenging the way we think about the whole experience of watching film so come along and let your tastebuds lead you on an exciting journey of their own!

Check out the Edible Cinema here!


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