Pizza pilgrims

If ever there was proof that a good old pint solves the world’s problems this is it. Sitting in a pub in London two friends are hit by the reality that they are stuck in ‘proper jobs.’ A few pints later this enterprising duo have hatched a plan- to tour Italy with the quest of learning the secret to making the perfect pizza! 6 weeks later they arrive back in London ready to share their new-found knowledge with the world. They now have a touring pizza van and a pizzeria on Dean street in Soho. With TV appearances and masses of  press coverage these boys have realised their dream and are well and truly on the culinary map. Go to their website for advice on how to create the perfect Italian pizza at home  or pop down to Harvey Nics where they will be setting up camp from November 4th


pizza pilgrims



This pioneering oriental fusion restaurant is totally unique. The atmosphere here is vibrant and laid back with a furturistic twist. The really exciting part is the interactive ordering system which allows diners to place their order from an illustrated food and drinks menu projected onto their table surface. The cuisine is top notch combining influences from Japan, China, Thailand and Korea. A great addition to Soho’s food scene



Mes amis

“I wanted to create a version of home” says Marcella Kirk, proprieter of “Mes Amis.” His vision has been realised and the result is a wonderful French themed restaurant and bar that has been styled around a lounge, dining room and kitchen. Open all day for coffee, cake and their signature croque monsieur they have also recently developed their evening menu so you can drop in for some escargots or perhaps just sit at the elegant cocktail bar and bask in the feeling that you have been transported to a five star apartment on the Champs Elysee.



Mari vana

Mari Vanna is a truly authentic and original way to experience Russian cuisine. Surrounded by potted plants, even from the outside this venue is kitch and inviting. As you step inside guests are transported to an archetypal Russian home filled with Russian literature, crystal bowls of Sushki and a myriad of other ornaments that represent the pre and post Soviet Union Russia. The menu is a traditional foray into the very best of wholesome Russian food such as Borsh with beets and Beef Stroganoff, they use the finest ingredients served to you by waitresses dressed in pretty flowery dresses. There is also an impressive and eclectic array of vodkas to choose from ranging from sweet versions such as honey and oats to the more exotic flavours such as cucumber and dill. Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge this quaint restaurant is an experience not to be missed.




Dans Le Noir

Ever tried eating in complete and utter darkness? A unique dining experience has been created at Dans Le Noir. When you enter the restaurant you are asked to turn your phone off and place it in a locker so that no light escapes once you are in the dining area. After being shown your menu you are escorted by a blind waiter into a pitch black space and lead to your table. It’s daunting and rather humbling to relinquish control over one of you most vital senses as you allow the waiters to guide you through your dining experience.