Going Southside in Clapham

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of discovering the Southsider Cocktail Club. I left my flat in Fulham with the boyfriend after a long day of work and jumped on a bus to Clapham for some much needed drinks. We soon found ourselves weaving around the heaving bars and restaurants but it didn’t take us long to find the place.


You couldn’t miss the stylish wood cabin design which stood out against the rest of the street. We hopped inside to see what all the fuss was about…


Southsider is celebrated as one of the rare cocktail bars in London that serves up delicious and innovative creations while keeping them reasonably priced. I was keen to find out just how good these cocktails were (please note: you must go during hapy hour to enjoy cheaper drinks!) and the friendly barman was quick to assist us with our choice, he wasted no time shakin’ up some alcoholic concoctions.


I made a popular choice and went for the ‘Marshmallow Sour.’ Cocktails actually aren’t usually my beverage of choice however this was a wonderful blend of sweet and citrus-y flavours balanced by a smooth cover of creamy foam not forgetting the fun addition of marshmallows.


There was a birthday party going on behind us and we happened to stumble upon some of their party props so naturally, we didn’t waste time trying them out.


The interior design of Southsider is very cool. We loved the graffiti designs adorning the black walls bringing some colourful New York funkiness to the otherwise dark interior.


Being a Saturday night the place was rather busy but we noticed there was a more secluded room to the side of the bar which would be great for big groups and social gatherings.


The graffiti is really something special. An underground London street artist produced this artwork and it really makes the place unmistakable.






After a long day we decided to be boring and head back but not without a few more snaps to show you guys. I had to get a shot of the bar and it’s extensive array of spirits!


And they provide free popcorn. Enough said!


Southsider Cocktail Club is a great place but do remember to head down between 5pm and 8pm to make the most of the £6 cocktails!




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