Grimm Tales, Southbank

Question: What can possibly be better or more christmassy than listening to a series of classic stories with goodies and baddies, magic and mystery that have been passed down from generation to generation?  Answer: wandering through the beautifully designed scenes so that you genuinely feel part of the stories themselves where the characters surround you. And this is exactly what will happen if choose to buy a ticket to the Grimm Tales  at the Oxo Tower in London. Just in case you’re reading this from outer Mongolia (we have a big fan base of bearded hermits there we’ll have you know), the brothers grim were Germans from the 18th Century who created some of the most famous children stories such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Frog Prince’ among many others, that we still enjoy today. Author Phillip Pullman has adapted some of his favourites of these tales in a wonderfully clear retelling which has become the inspiration for this unique and exciting performance. When you arrive you can begin by sampling one of the many Grimm inspired drinks available at the pop-up bar before you begin to explore the 6 different rooms on 5 different floors where fairytale scenes are being acted out. Finally head up to the cocktail bar on the top floor where you can reminisce over the surreal experience you’ve just had while sipping on a drink and admiring the views over London. A truly magical, immersive theatrical experience that is as much of a delight to adults as it is to children. Also a great alternative to the traditional panto! Click here for more info
Tickets: £45 for a 2.5 hour show
Performances: Daily from 11 – 6
from 21st November – 6th February
Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse St

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