Hawthorn, AUS


It was the day after Rainbow Serpent festival and I was surprisingly spritely for someone who’d been sleeping on the floor of a tent next to a psytrance stage for four nights.
I love Hawthorn, and the drive over there is a cool way to see more of Melbourne so I wanted to squeeze in a visit whilst I had still had time.

It was a gorgeous day, beautifully warm with dreamy blue skies. We were rocking out to some old school tunes including my all time fav Limp Bizkit in the car on the way there. I was joyfully belting out the lyrics and feeling on a post festival high.


We wandered around this place I hadn’t been to in two years, perusing the local eateries and seeing if anywhere caught our eye.


A tram line goes through this district and this has been known to create commuter chaos in the mornings however around midday it was nice and quiet.


After some minor controversy over where to go, we settled on a place Cam had his eye on and in the end I was glad we did! Nestled into Glenferrie Road next to the station, Oscar Mike have an established reputation for delicious artisan coffee. Serving ethical coffee roasters ‘Five Senses’, and all types of smooth and creamy milk alternatives- their soy cappucino is up there as one my favourite in Melbourne, and this being the coffee capital of (some may say,) the world, well it’s a pretty big deal! There are a lootttt of good coffee houses to choose from, and the standard just keeps getting better.

Oskar Mike is a modest affair outside- tables and chairs built from milk crates, naturally drawing more attention to the coffee and food. Sitting out in the sunshine, I languished in these simple pleasures.

Feeling peckish, we ordered some food as well.




Ouchie- dat sun!

Moving on- we checked out rooftop Spanish bar El Churro famous for their Spanish doughnuts!! Still feeling hungry we opted for the seafood paella to share.



We kicked back and enjoyed the Spanish lunch al fresco. When you’re used to what feels like permanent overcast skies in England, being out in these sunny climes has you taking not a single moment of this for granted.

Funnily enough, Cam overheard the waiter dropping presumably our paella on his way up to the roof terrace as it proceeded to take a little while longer but when the food arrived they brought us some churros as a gift!




Sat here in the office on this grey Friday afternoon as I write this, boy how I would love a time machine to appear at my desk. I’m salivating just thinking about this paella.


Afterwards we hopped in the car and drove along to Yarra Boulevard where you can view the city skyline up high.




I wandered about keeping a cautious eye out for snakes just in case. I was wearing flip flops yo!


There was something about this day that seemed to radiate pure happiness- like a spiritual energy emanating through the atmosphere. The warmth of the sunshine held you close and you felt nature was befriending and connecting with you in some way.

For me, that sublime energy is everywhere on a day like this in Australia. I could roam about the bush and natural wanders till my heart’s content, as nature does something to soothe and really uplift my spirit.

But anyway, here’s how we ended that gorgeous day.


Down by the local beach in Bayside.


Aware of the time I had left in Melbourne I was keen to fit in a visit to Fitzroy as well- one of the quirkiest places in the city and I bloody love it. So hold tight for some Fitzroy visuals coming soon to a screen near you. <3


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