Journey Through Old Street to a Far Rockaway Place

As soon as we threw the curtains open and saw the glorious sunshine pouring through the windows we knew it was going to be the perfect day to explore London and find a new gem to share with you all. Unlike our last visit where we arrived like bedraggled rats, this time there was no need for the cumbersome umbrellas and warm clothes- instead we gleefully looked through our wardrobes to find some more summery attire.

A few hours and multiple changes of outfit later we finally made it to to Old Street, later than planned, to check out the quirky Summer pop-up, Summer Tales. If you were walking past us at that moment you would have seen our two faces drop as it dawned on us that the event wasn’t open until the weekend. After a few expletives, mainly aimed at Davina for not checking the dates, we decided to head instead for another quirky restaurant on Liverpool Street that has a secret bar! But more about that later.

As we wandered through the streets of London we kept our eyes peeled for new quirky places that might grab our attention along the way.


Had to take a snap of this cool street art on our travels through Shoreditch!


The first place that stood out to us was a bar called Cirque on 323 Old Street which was, as you may have guessed, overflowing with Circus themed props and decorations. We needed a little pick me up so we decided to stop off for a drink.



Not going to lie, the provocative monkey in the window was what lured Davina in


We took advantage of Happy Hour and ordered a ‘Happy Buddah’ and a ‘Cotton Candy’ cocktail for £10.





The ‘Happy Buddah’ and ‘Cotton Candy’ cocktails- didn’t come out as said on the menu but they made up for this with sugar content….


The drinks came and we made the most of the opportunity to take photos of the flamboyant design while no other customers were there. I’d imagine this place would be a lot of fun at night for pre-drinks/cocktails before heading to a club or another bar. The designer has put a lot of effort into the image of Cirque, it being full of strange objects such as a zebra head, shop window monkey, growling bear and many more quirky curiosities. They also offer a few snacks here such as Hot Dogs and Popcorn, staying true to the Circus theme.




As the light was slowly fading outside, Cirque was starting to come to life!

After having had our fill of some very sweet cocktails and not so sweet music (the day time r and b was still pumping through our ear drums long after we’d left) we left Cirque and continued with our quest to find the elusive quirky haunt that Davina was searching for in Shoreditch.

However not long after we’d left we once again stumbled across another awesome place that we couldn’t resist checking out- a bar and music venue called Far Rockaway. There were so many photo opportunities here that it was hard to stop snapping!


Far Rockaway!   Also, is that a caricature of President Putin I spot over in the corner?

The above photo shows one of the lounge rooms, complete with arcade games- there is even a quirky ceiling covered in skateboards! We grabbed a few drinks from the bar (I ordered a cappuccino but soon regretted it when I had a taste of Davina’s maple Jim Bean and coke- highly recommended) and found a comfy sofa to relax on while we soaked up the chilled, old-school vibes. The music here was a great blend of old rock anthems and alternative sounds. I must also add that although we didn’t actually order any food the smells coming from the kitchen smelled heavenly!

IMG_0214 IMG_0216

Far Rockaway is a very large venue with ample space to grab some food and drink with a group of mates. There are big projectors all over the place so you’ll never find yourself without something to watch. There’s a more restaurant-y area on the platform at the back and another, larger bar on the other side that opens later.

Superheroes, yo!

Superheroes, yo!

That guy with horns is watching you

That guy with horns is watching you


IMG_0225 IMG_0227 IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0250 IMG_0254

We know this sounds a little odd but whenever we find an exciting new place to visit we’re always intrigued to check out the toilets. Not because we’re a fan of urinals and hand driers but because often they seem to encapsulate the creativity of the venue. We were certainly not disappointed with the ones at Far Rockaway



Another visual delight!


Far Rockaway, as you can hopefully tell by the photos, is a wonderful hang out and offers you a kaleidoscope of things to feast your eyes upon. If you’re into music, film, art or skateboarding for that matter- this is one of Shoreditch’s gems.

But did Davina ever find the quirky bar she was searching for?! Tune in to our next post to find out!

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