Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, Shoreditch

Envisage a moment of pure, blissful relaxation. A cosy chair, a lovely book to read, a cuppa with a piece of cake. There’s just one thing missing… a mog!


It’s the quintessential sort of understated British scene but for some reason it’s the presence of a small purring furry creature curled up on our lap or nuzzling against our legs that makes it complete. Perhaps it’s because beneath the bright lights and busy streets of London there is a void. People are searching for a connection beyond being handed a latte or an assignment at work, they need some old fashioned affection to make the world seem a better place. The simple act of bonding with an animal for a little while has been proven to increase serotonin (our happy hormones) and even lower blood pressure. Perhaps this is why Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London’s very first cat cafe is causing such a stir. Already proving popular in other cities such as Tokyo which has over 100, the hotly anticipated cat cafe has finally opened its doors on Bethnall Green Road, Shoreditch.  31 year old, Lauren Piers is the owner of this unusual establishment and explains the concept behind it.


‘If something exists you can probably get it in London, but there’s one thing that lots of people living in London can’t have – a kitty. We thought long and hard about who would really benefit from having a cat café in London. I see commuters walking on their way to and from the station stopping to pet the neighbourhood cats, and since I am unable to own a cat myself due to my current flat and long hours I understand the desire to have a cat around.’


Once inside the cafe, you will find yourself in the entry foyer where you can order food and drinks that will be prepared in an area that is seperated from where the cats roam free. There are also seats so you can wait comfortably, before being brought through to meet the cats. Next, you will enter the hygiene room where you are greeted by the chief cat carer who will ask you too wash your hands and explain a few rules before you are finally taken through to the cosy cat-filled lounge. You can choose to sit in the basement or ground area where you will be waited on by staff, there are lockers provided to keep your valuables safe and even special treats you can buy to feed the cats with. The decor combines elements of shabby chic with Victorian vintage creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for people to relax in with their new pointy-eared chums.


It’s heart-warming to learn that all these cats are from rescue homes, and it is clear that every attention has been given to make them feel happy in their new environment. As you explore the area you will find find lots of feline-friendly nooks and cranies such as adorable cat beds, hammocks, cat claw towers as well as various shelves where the cats can perch and find solace from the people below.


The best way to ensure you get your cat fix at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is to book well in advance through their website!





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