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Lounge Bohemia, Liverpool Street

On our first sojourn to London, two Quirky London reporters were on a mission: to review as many bars as we could whilst maintaining a clear vision for our walk back to the tube station. As we wandered down Liverpool Street feeling excited in anticipation of the adventures that lay ahead, it soon began to dawn on us that we were in fact lost.  Cursing our phones and our non-existent GPS signal we decided to  stop in the first bar we saw to ask directions. A quick cocktail later (would have been rude not to), we noticed a gaggle of people entering a narrow passageway covered wall to wall with newspaper clippings. On an impulse we decided to follow them. After descending some stairs we found ourselves in a cave-like space where small groups of people were happily huddled in corners. ‘Have you reserved a table?’ the Maitre d’ asked, we shook our heads. Luck finally on our side, she quickly found us a space and escorted us to our table. We were then handed an old Polish book within which was hidden the most bizarre and intriguing cocktail menu QL has ever encountered.  As you glance in the direction of the bar you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a Science laboratory as the efficient and speedy bar tenders create concoctions that would make Heston Blumenthal proud. Using exciting ingredients such as dry ice and foam, each creation is a visual and sensory explosion. Try  the ‘Bubble bath’ cocktail which comes complete with bubbles and a rubber duck floating on top or Old Castro where you are handed a glass full of candyfloss and a Havana cigar case containing a well-aged whisky, each one is a piece of interactive theatre as the staff explain to you how best to drink the cocktail. There is an exclusive, word of mouth type vibe to this bar even down to the method of booking, they ask you to send a text rather than call. This place is a must for anyone who is bored of the mainstream cocktail scene and looking for an exciting alternative. A fantastic find and we are pleased to be able to put our very first QL seal of approval. Hopefully we’ll get lost more often.

Find out more at:  http://loungebohemia.com/


Lounge b

Lounge Bohemia

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