Mes Amis, Hammersmith

Tucked in a quiet corner of Hammersmith is what, from the outside, could easily be mistaken for a junk shop, however on closer inspection you will realise you have stumbled across Mes Amis, a quirky and charming Lebanese restaurant on a quiet, unassuming London street. Step foot inside and you find yourself in a room that almost feels like some eccentric granny’s front room, it being jam packed with an abundance of curious ornaments and nik naks.




But it’s the owner, decorator and chef, James, who makes this place special as cooks up a storm in full view of diners from a tiny kitchen that consists of simply a gas burner, two sinks, a tiny counter and a deep fat fryer.




Everything he cooks is made fresh on the spot and includes tantalisingly tasty options such freshly made tabouleh, hummus and baba ganoush as well as delicious samosas filled with lamb and peas and spring rolls filled with cheese and mint. For the main course you can choose are a selection of traditional Lebanese dishes such as Chicken skewers or salmon bathed in a lemon wine sauce with rice. If there’s room try some the sticky baklava pastries with coffee for dessert.


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There may be better Lebanese restaurants out there (although we have yet to find them) but there is something thrilling and authentic about this kooky little establishment that ensures it stands apart from all the other mainstream restaurants as an experience not to be forgotten. We are certainly not the only ones to think so as Mes Amis has earned a loyal following since it was first opened by James in 1993 and is now a firm favourite amongst Hammersmith locals. So give the beans on toast a miss and head to this crazy little Lebanese gem for something totally different- don’t forget to leave a comment telling us what you think!


Essential Info

Opening times:

Monday -Saturdays 7:30 – 10:30 pm



1 Rainville Rd, London W6 9HA

Telephone: 020 7385 5155


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