Mizuwari, Soho

Mizuwari is London’s first whisky bar. Located underneath Bincho Yaktori restaurant in Soho, the word Mizuwari means “mixed with water” and is a popular way of drinking spirits in Japan. If drinking whisky straight isn’t your thing there is also an array of mouthwatering cocktails to choose from such as the Usui with Hakushi 12 which is a delicate infusion of violet, rosewater and orange blossom or the slightly stronger Seimei which mixes marschino, Hibiki 12, absinthe and lemon zest. Staying true to the Japanese bar theme Mizuwari also offers a ‘bottle keep’ option which allows you to purchase your favourite whisky and keep it tagged and guarded until your next visit. The wood-paneled walls, benches and candlelight all work well to enhance the mood of a traditional Japanese speakeasy. An exciting new addition to London’s whisky scene.





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