Mr Fogg’s Residence, Mayfair

We had been meaning to check out Mr Foggs themed bar in Mayfair for a while so when we finally set a date I had one question buzzing round my head…. who exactly was Phileas Fogg and why was he so famous?

I soon discovered (with a little help from Wikipedia) that he was the protagonist in the 1873 Jules Vernes ‘Around The World in 80 Days.’ In the book Fogg, for a wager of £20,000, attempts to circumnavigate the world in a total of 80 days which leads to many adventures along the way.

Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair prides itself in being ‘The Residence of the Eccentric English Adventurer.’ and we can vouch that this is certainly one of the most eccentric yet wonderfully Engllish bar we’ve visited so far!

As you turn down a darkened street it almost feels as though you’ve stepped back in time to the era of Jack the Ripper. The building is painted black on the outside which only adds to the mystery of what might lie within…




In keeping with the Victorian theme, there is a Butler who greets you and shows you inside.

Once you are over the threshold the interior is dazzling. Artefacts and antiques are crammed in to every nook and cranny.




There are even a couple of penny farthings hanging from the ceiling!






One of the lovely waitresses all dressed in beautiful period outfits showed us to our table.




After checking out the cocktail menu we settled back with our drinks and soaked up the atmosphere.








Just as the cocktails began to set in, as if by magic, the band turned up and started playing some fantastic tunes from a bygone era… ‘Puttin on the ritz…’ seemed particularly appropriate considering the London’s most famous hotel was was literally just round the corner! It definitely felt like a feather boa moment!



I had a quick peak into the conservatory area which was just as kooky as the rest of the place, I’d be quite content to have my afternoon tea in there any day of the week!




Soon more cocktails had arrived, each one more delectable than the last and each served up beatifully, I loved the crystal glasses!



As a side note the toilets were also  rather lovely being decorated in keeping with the period,  I lingered a while washing my hands due to the the fact that the audio book of Phileas Fogg’s adventures was playing in the background.

I couldn’t help taking one last photo of this angry looking punter on the way out…


There are two other Mr Fogg’s bars to check out,  Mr Fogg’s Tavern and Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour both in Covent Garden. We can’t wait to try them both out and let you know our favourite!




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