Food heaven at Dinerama, Shoreditch

There is one particular problem surrounding the fact that the younger but taller of the Richards sisters has moved to London- the fact that we can no longer liaise over the clothes we are planning to wear. And so it was that, thanks to some sort of unwelcome sibling telepathy, we ended up both dressed in outfits that on their own could have just about passed as kooky but together looked like we were painter and decorators on a day out. Fortunately we saw the funny side and decided to embrace the look…
Our first stop in the City was Russell Brand’s cafe but you’re going to have to hold you’re breath for that one as we’re doing a post dedicated to our visit soon. The second was a perfect example of Summer pop-up fun in the form of Dinerama in Shoreditch.
 As soon as we entered Dinerama we were drawn to a very colourful bar.
It wasn’t long before we noticed the two slushie machines whirling away in the background. The friendly bar man explained that the pink slushie was a citrus flavour and the white one was a coconut, pina colada type concoction. Both were good but the coconut one was by far our favourite!
After a burst of brain freeze (they were just too tasty to stop slurping) we decided to take heed of our stomach rumblings and set off to find some food…
If you’re a foodie then Dinerama is well worth a visit as it’s literally crammed full of a wide variety of stalls with any kind of food you could wish for not to mention fun bars serving up all sorts of exciting drinks and cocktails.

The mesmerised look of a tequila slushie junkie


The prize for most cheerful bar man goes to this guy!



After checking out all the stalls we finally settled on an interesting looking Indian stall called shack tandoor. We greedily devoured the creamiest and most succulent monkfish laced in a delictaely spiced marinade with a salsa sauce served on a bed of french fries. We highly reccommend you try this too if you go!

The monkfish was truly special

Finally we hopped on a train to the Opium Den press launch in South Kensington . Unfortnately although it was a lovely bar in it’s own right we didn’t feel it was quite quirky enough to put on the site.
However we did see this rather fascinating bit of wall art on the way home that we just had to share with you…
It wasn’t long before we were both heading home like the town mouse and the country mouse- one to Windsor and one to Fulham. A short but perfect adventure to the City!
We’ve already shared with you our champagne and hot dogs experience at the fabulous bubbledogs but in our next post we will be sharing our pics from the press launch of new Covent Garden eatery- Krug and chips!
If you’re planning to visit Dinerama it is on from now until 4th October 2015.
Thursday-Saturday 12 noon-midnight.
Sunday 12 noon-9pm.
Visit the Dinerama website to find out more here.


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