Beyond The Waterfall

We like to think we have had quite a few quirky experiences since we began our adventures with our Quirky London blog but occasionally something comes along that is so mind bogglingly strange and intriguing that it takes us by surprise. You may need to unwrap yourself from your Winter blanket and perch on the edge […]

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Big Apple Brixton

If you haven’t got enough time or money for the real NY christmas experience, we’ve found the perfect alternative for you in the form of Big Apple Brixton about a 10 minute walk from Brixton tube station. It was a suitable frosty night when myself and Ginnie set out to find out more about this intriguing event. […]

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An impromptu trip to Copenhagen

A still-drunk, middle-of-the-night kind of start to the weekend away in Copenhagen, alarm set for 4.45 am which was by no means a pain free way to start the weekend but it was all worth it for the time Cam and I shared in Denmark’s distinguished capital, Copenhagen. As we settled into our room and took […]

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An unexpected ending to a night at Savure, Shoreditch

Last Wednesday night Davina and I were treated to a feast of Italian delicacies at a bloggers evening hosted by the lovely new Italian restaurant Savure on Paul Street. The evening started off with lashings of fine red wine, and platters of both cured meats and cheese. The meaty one was a delicious assortment of […]

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