Pillow Cinema, various locations

We think there’s no better way to appreciate a great film than seeing it on the big screen. The rustling of hands diving into popcorn, the fun of giggling over the trailers and the gentle hum of conversation that turns to a hush as the lights dim down and the film begins.
There’s just one problem, it’s never going to be as comfy as watching it at home……. or so we thought! That’s why we were so excited to discover that Pillow Cinema has descended on the London scene to ‘create the perfect night in, night out.’
Created by the people behind the ever popular Hot Tub Cinema experience this is the dry and cosy version! Gone are the narrow aisles and awkward seating, instead you will find a large open space filled with wonderfully comfortable fatboy beanbags complete with cosy blankets. It’s the perfect option for snuggling up to someone if you’re a couple or enjoying some luxurious lounging if you’re single and there’s even a beanbag drinks service for all your sloth-like requirements. The films are a great mixture of critically acclaimed recent releases as well as classics from the past and present and the constantly changing venue is always set in unusual locations around London, currently a former Shoreditch underground station.


One last word of warning, there’s a BYOP (bring your own pillow) policy so don’t forget your fluffiest one or you may be denied entry! To find out more and to book tickets visit their website here

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