Pre Carnival fun in Notting Hill

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We have spent the last couple of years pounding the streets of London on a mission to find the most unusual, secret and above all fun places in the city. We’ve discovered so many great gems already but it’s always exciting to look for adventures in areas of London we haven’t fully explored yet. And so it was with butterflies of anticipation that we journeyed to Notting Hill for a pre festival nose around. We were soon meandering our way down Portobello Road admiring the variety of colourful shops that line this famous street and being drawn like magpies to glittering jewellery stalls and clothes that fluttered from shop windows tempting us inside.
We stopped in awe at one particularly beautiful shop that sold all sorts of strange and wonderful curiosities.
Neither of us having had a big breakfast it wasn’t long before our minds turned to our stomachs.  Just as we were feeling indecisive a Tapas bar called Pix caught our eye so we stepped inside and, after eyeing up the tasty looking tapas on display, decided to take try it out. We both agreed there’s something truly satisfying about having lots of small dishes and we happily filled our plate with whatever bites of food took our fancy.
We couldn’t resist treating ourselves to desert, with the portions so tiny we didn’t even have to feel guilty afterwards- and we were so glad we did. The chocolate espresso mousse with a biscotti on the side was deliciously rich and creamy and the churros with a liquid chocolate dipping sauce was mouth-wateringly good too!
With happy stomachs and Sangria induced light headedness we made our way back into the sunlight to explore further. With coffee shops and bars selling vintage music, locals rocking crazy fashion and a mix of friendly  characters, including a Rastafarian with a portable loud speaker blasting out reggae tunes into the street, there were some serious pre Carnival vibes going on. I’m looking forward to visiting the Notting Hill Carnival for the first time this year but I’m so glad I got to soak up the more laid back but still vibrant, every day atmosphere before the chaos commences!
In need of a pick me up we decided to pay a visit to a 70’s Polynesian bar called ‘Trailer Happiness.’ It immediately caught our attention thanks to its kooky front window depicting a retro lounge with traditional mustard yellow patterned wallpaper as the backdrop- we half expected Abigail’s Party to show up any minute!
We descended into the basement where we were greeted by the very friendly bar staff who went out of their way to make us feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. We sunk into the chairs and began to peruse the cocktail menu. We chose the Polynesian Princess and the Trailer Colada on the bar tender’s recommendation.
It didn’t take long before we were sipping on two of the prettiest drinks we’d tried in a long time. The Trailer Colada in particular was so good that it was almost impossible to put down. The Polynesian Princess was a potent concoction of heady flavours ofé citrus and watermelon.
Trailer Happiness is a perfect spot for after work drinks, it has a great atmosphere, chill out corners and the music is a mix of classic tunes ranging from Michael Bublé to Etta James but never anything too modern. After a couple more cocktails we were back on the road seeking a bar that turned out to be rather elusive called ‘The Little Yellow Door.’ We felt it was so wonderfully quirky that it deserved its own post to do it justice! Coming soon…
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