Proud Wonderland, Camden

It seemed like such a great idea at the time to step out in a colourful  70’s inspired outfit when the sun was shining and the sky only broken up by one or two puffs of white cloud. Feeling full of Summer vibes I headed to the station with my Quirky London partner in crime looking forward to the first of our Summer adventures in London. Sadly the small puffs of cloud soon gathered and it wasn’t long before I was stepping out of the station shivering, wishing I’d got a few more layers on and cursing the British Summer for leading me astray!  Our destination of choice was Camden Town, in particular Proud Camden or Proud Wonderland as it turned out. It has been 150 years since ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was first published and to mark the occasion Proud Camden has transformed itself into a themed bar for the Summer.

We decided to check out our new surroundings



We loved the secret nooks and crannies where you can cosy up with an Alice in Wonderland themed cocktail or two




Ginnie certainly found her inner child with a game of peek a boo in the photo booth!






After all the excitement it was time to check out the bar…

Only to be greeted by Alice herself… or a few Alices to be exact!






I ordered the iced passion fruit margarita which unfortunately did little to warm me up! The following is a picture of a Brit trying to pretend it’s Summer while freezing their t**s off




A few poses later we were heading back out onto the mean streets of Camden Town






Proud Wonderland is currently on at Proud Camden from 1pm until 1am at The Horse Hospital. Find out more from them on twitter @ProudCamden


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