Retro Times at Disco Picnic, Peckham

After a large dose of Christmas shopping with my friend Sam, feet and minds tired from pounding the pavements and visiting all the mainstream shops and shopping centres, I was beginning to feel a rapidly growing need for an antidote, preferably involving alcohol. Luckily I had something totally different up my sleeve in the form of a new party pop-up called Disco Picnic in Peckham.
As we descended onto the street outside the station we felt a little dubious, it was certainly a far cry from the glitz and glamour of the Christmas lights and shops we’d been to. We asked directions and ventured further into the dark turning onto an even more obscure street that, to be perfectly honest, would not have looked out of place on a scene from Crimewatch. Finally my friend piped up saying ‘Are you sure this is the right way’. Just as I was about to admit defeat and turn back we noticed a bouncer outside a derelict house- Safe house 1 to be exact. The irony of the name did not elude me as we both stood outside eyeing up the dingy exterior of the building. Reassuring my friend and curious to find out what was happening inside I coaxed her in. And fortunately this is where things became much more fun.


 To the left was a DJ on the decks and a dance floor with a bar nearby. Further back was the pop-up food stall, Smokey Tails and upstairs was a chilled out seating area with antique style sofas, a cocktail and wine bar and a vintage clothes shop. What more could two girls ask for?
Ginnie, who had got a little lost trying to find her way, finally turned up and made a beeline for the food. The mac and cheese certainly cheered her up!
Failing at our ‘we’re so cool’ pose we realized we looked more like two Grannies knitting…
Ginnie then showed us how it’s done.
We decided to have a rummage through the vintage clothes shop and managed to capture this lovely shop assistant enjoying her catwalk moment!
We then decided to have a peek next door where there was a temporarily performance art event going on for one night only. Earlier on we had observed a lady sitting doing her make-up with her bottom hanging out of her jeans as photographers snapped away and when we looked a little later we saw another unusual sight- a window cleaner on stilts!
After a couple of cocktails we decided to make our way back, this time stopping to explore the area a little more. We got lost down some back streets and ended up feeling glad we did. It’s always a joy to discover new alternative parts of the city we never knew existed. We snapped some truly beautiful graffiti on the way
All the excitement seemed to have gone to Ginnie’s head a little!


Unfortunately, being a week night, we all had to be up early the next day so we trudged back to the station.

Disco Picnic was great fun and if we could have stayed longer we would have as we got the feeling the party was only just getting started. We were told that tickets for the weekend had already sold out so it’s certainly proving popular so far.

This event is on from Thursday through till Saturday every weekend until the 19th December so we recommend you get your best grunge outfits on, grab some friends and get ready for the ultimate house party!

To find out more check their facebook page:








I went off to browse the vintage fashion shop.



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