Sketch, Mayfair

For all you super quirky (and deep pocketed) peeps out there we bring you Sketch on Mayfair, a fantastically kitsch and decadent bar, restaurant and gallery that will tantalise your senses in every way. As with many of the more unusual places in London, Sketch’s true nature is hidden behind an unassuming pale building on Conduit Street but don’t be deceived as once inside the child in you will want to explore every nook and cranny of this two floor establishment.

Sketch, Gallery

The Gallery Gastro-Brasserie

Within the two floors you will find the Gallery, the Lecture Room, the Parlour, the Glade and the East Bar.



The Gallery showcases the work of the highly regarded British artist David Shrigley who has 239 of his pieces lining the walls leaving guests with lots to observe and talk about over dinner. His witty and unusual artwork even extends to the ceramic tableware which he has designed himself, the plates reflect the streets of London and in turn the way the food is served complements the art.



The sumptuous Lecture room and Library

The Lecture room and library features a two michelin star restaurant and an award winning wine list, the decor here has a sumptuous feel featuring velvet chairs and beautiful hanging lamps that somehow merge elegantly with immense ceramic vases and art deco style carpets.



Lounge on a variety of Louis XV seating in the quirky and eccentric patisserie


The parlour bar and restaurant is like an upmarket version of a trendy Shoreditch bar with an upmarket array of eclectic furniture in various colours and styles- there are 60 different fabrics in this room. It’s a fantastic option for afternoon tea that later transforms into a classy cocktail bar from 6pm until 2am.



Artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu, have created an enchanted fairy-tale forest!

For a truly fantastical and theatrical experience you must enjoy a tipple in Glade bar where Artists Carolyn Quartermaine and Didier Mahieu, have created an enchanted fairy-tale forest. With sweeping curtains, bamboo seating and a woodland backdrop featuring low, atmospheric lighting, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d walked straight onto a film set of an old movie. Enjoy some snacks, afternoon tea or a cocktail here to truly soak up the atmosphere.



Stylish design at East bar by Mourad Mazouz & acclaimed designer Noe Douchafour Lawence

Finally uncover the secrets of East bar– a modern and stylish space with the background of a city skyline, leather walls and menus inspired by tabloid newspapers, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or two.

To sum Sketch up for you I’m going to use a little line I’ve stolen  from their website ‘…arrive with an open mind and imagine, if you will, a painting that never dries.”
P.S- don’t forget a toilet visit,  the large white pods are in themselves a work of art!


Check out these futuristic toilets!

Essential info:


Sketch, 9 Conduit Street,

London W1S 2XG

+44 (0) 20 7659 4500

Opening hours:

sketch is open 7 days a week 

The Parlour
All day from Breakfast to Cocktails

Monday to Friday – 8am to 2am
Saturday – 10am to 2am
Sunday – 10am to 12pm 


The Glade

Afternoon Tea – Monday to Sunday – 12.30pm to 6pm

Bar – Monday to Sunday – 6.30pm to 2am

The Gallery
 – Monday to Sunday – 6.30pm to 2am


Lecture Room & Library
 – Tuesday to Friday – 12pm to 2.15pm

Dinner – Tuesday to Saturday – 7pm to 11pm


Alternatively visit their website  here




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