Souvlakis in Soho that ended in a Peep show

Due to Ginnie’s globe trotting and my surprise pregnancy news (yes at the grand old age of 35 I am about to welcome a mini human into the world!) we felt it had been far too long since our last London adventure! We decided to invite our trusty photographer and long time Quirky London supporter Nik along for the ride. And so we all trundled onto the train and put our best thinking caps on to come up with some new places to explore.


After deliberating for a while we decided to head to Soho as it had been a while since we had made a visit to the ever changing part of London where the alternative and the trendy seem to effortlessly gel.

After some hardcore window shopping we had built up quite an appetite and some very sore feet to go with it. I felt particularly tired and started to regret my decision of heels combined with a 7 month pregnancy bump! We were quite surprised to discover that most places in Soho seem to stop serving food between 3 and 5pm so if you are new to the area that is something to bear in mind. Despite having to give up on some interesting sounding restaurants  we were lucky enough to find a real little gem tucked away on Bateman Street. The restaurant in question was called Suvlaki and in case you hadn’t guessed served up a wonderful menu of traditional Greek street food.

restaurant worker chilling outside

The waitress recommended the courgette fritters which were divine. The combination of courgette and smoked applewood chedder was involved with a lovely tzatziki dip on the side. A great start to the meal!


The picture below is Nik’s ‘Greek Burger Stuffed With Feta,’ which was truly one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. The combination of meets and herbs with the tang of melted feta was very special indeed.


Ginnie’s choice of corn fed chicken suvlaki was also delicious and just what was needed to fill a very hungry stomach!



If you’re intrigued have a peek at the menu below…



I loved the idea of the naughty corner, and guess which one of us ended up there….?


Our stomachs were achingly full but I couldn’t resist trying some options from the desert menu, (I am taking full advantage of the fact I can say I am eating for two.)

The desert below was a chocolate digestive cake with coffee ice cream, very rich and very good. The second pic was a cheesecake with cherries, white chocolate and tiny meringue pieces- also lovely!



I decided to be brave and try the Turkish coffee. This was so strong it was half paste at the bottom, I only had a few sips before I admitted defeat.


We decided to take a stroll around the streets of Soho to attempt to work off some of the Greek feast we had had just indulged in.

Nik found his happy place in a shoe at Soho Square gardens!


nik in a shoe

Having heard so much about Bodegra Negra but never having visited I decided today was the day to finally take a peek. A word of warning to first time visitors, there are two parts to this establishment which can get confusing, the main Mexican restaurant on Moor Street in Soho and the secret speakeasy hidden in a sex shop the other side at Old Compton Street. No prizes for guessing which part we decided to pay a visit to!

I knew the secret but enjoyed the look of bemusement on my fellow quirky Londoner’s faces as I led them in to the ‘Peep Show.’


We descended the stairs and soon found ourselves in a wonderfully quirky bar with a Mexican ghost town theme. I was given a mini tour by one of the very friendly bar men and was most impressed by the rugged walls crammed full of artistically designed paper cut outs of old buildings and Mexican characters hanging from the walls and ceilings. We grabbed a table and tucked into some of the bar food, the best of which was the ‘Sunflower Tostadas’ with guacamole and Mexican style pizza ‘Quesadilla Rustica’ with four cheeses, roasted tomatoes and epazote. I remember all the flavours were exciting and worked together perfectly.



And so it was three happy Quirky London explorers emerged from the sex shop with smiles on our faces for all the best reasons ready to snooze our way back home on the tube.

If you are on a night out or want to have a few giggles with friends in a bar that stands out from the rest then Bodegra Negra will certainly do the job! If nothing else it gives you the chance to dress like a porn star while wearing a Mexican hat and not feel out of place- if you ask me you’d have to be mad to turn up a chance like that.





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