St Kilda Twilight Markets, Melbourne AUS

If you’re in Melbourne on a Thursday night and wondering what to do with yourself, let me tell you the St Kilda Twilight Market is the place to be. Amazing food stalls, a fun bohemian atmosphere and live music set against the beautiful backdrop of palm trees and the dazzling lights of Luna Park.

My Aussie side kick Cam and I took the train to Balaclava and hopped on a tram which dropped us off right by O’Donnell Gardens, where the market is held.


Balaclava is a funky area right near St Kilda, full of quirky cafes, bars and captivating streets with bold, colourful art work.


Melbourne is a great city to travel around, its wide roads and grid line layout making it easy to navigate. The tram ride was pretty much a straight road to the market. Once you arrive you’ll notice a bunch of stalls selling a variety of things from colourful clothing and handmade jewellery, to hair wraps and portable plants.



By the time we arrived it was quite late and I was starving, my eyes were instantly directed to the Paella stall which was exactly the thing I was in the mood for, so I jumped in line. The queue was pretty long so my patience was challenged but  I knew the amount of people lining up was definitely a good sign!

Finally I was armed with food and as we spotted the sun slowly retiring for the night we decided to get a few beers to have with the food on the beach.








The paella was absolutely gorgeous, how they can make such giant batches of the stuff and not compromise on flavour is beyond me. The tasty fresh paella quickly vanished and I was left a very satisfied Ginnie.

We returned to the market as the night was descending upon us. Cam decided to get some food and being a vegetarian, went for this veggie stir fry.



Tofu and vegetable satay stir fry with a delicious satay sauce from a stall called Vegelicious. Cam gave it full marks and he’s a tough critic when it comes to veggie food.


Sitting outdoors, you can soak up the atmosphere as everyone gathers around the long grassy slope and watches the live band who usually play til around 9/10.


The market slowly drew to a close but the night was certainly not over yet so we wandered around admiring the relaxed, lighthearted buzz of the St Kilda scene. We soon heard the sounds of drums coming from the beach and wandered that way. We realised the market go-ers had now migrated to the beach for an after party which we were keen to join and I later found out this party is held every week after the markets! Getting down to some drum beats with a like-minded crowd of people was a great way to end the night or hey, even start it 😉



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