Steam and Rye, nr Liverpool Street


Kelly Brook has come a long way from her Big Breakfast presenting days and has proved herself time and again as much more than just a pretty face and pair of… pretty brown eyes. Ah-hem. She is now a fully-fledged entrepreneur and Steam and Rye is her latest success. This time she has teamed up with the legendary creator of Mahiki and Whisky Mist nightclub to come up with the idea of a Great Gatsby themed bar inspired by Brook’s love of the USA. This restaurant and bar is a tribute to the prohibition era in New York (without the prohibition bit) and modelled on New York’s famous Grand Central Station with its own steam train carriage, the large space is split into four separate areas including The Main Hall and Station Gardens. To take the view in properly, ascend the grand staircase to the mezzanine level and the Cargo Hold where you will find yourself emmersed in a medley of antiques and taxidermy, if cocktails on 57th street is more your bag then head to the lower floor to the First Class Cocktail Carriage. What better way to wash this down than with one of the succulent steaks or burgers on the all American menu or if you feel like indulging then the fresh Canadian lobsters are a must! So dress up, dig out your cigarette holder and emmerse yourself in the unique glamour of early 20th Century America. Open 12pm – 3am Monday to Friday and 6pm-3am on Saturdays.


For further details see their website- www.steamandrye.com






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