Sugar Cane, Clapham

Unless you spend your time making wooden puppets into imaginary friends on a desert island you have probably picked up on the fact that saturated fat is enjoying some time out of the spotlight for now having been replaced by an apparently even more evil newcomer on the war against obesity. Sugar. The problem is that, just like that bad boy your parents and friends tell you you mustn’t fall for, the feeling of taboo secretly makes you want to run to the nearest Krispy Kremes and start stuffing your face with doughnuts in excitement. As Oscar Wilde so eloquently put ‘I can resist anything except temptation.’

But if Krispy Kreme isn’t your style fear not as we have found a much quirkier place where you can indulge your sweet tooth and give free reign to your glucose based fantasies- Sugar Cane bar in Clapham. Sugar Cane is a Polynesian themed cocktail bar in Clapham that has been influenced by the beauty and the tropical atmosphere of the Islands. You can’t walk past this quirky bar without noticing thanks to the palm tree and bamboo entrance that stands out as a beacon of Summer fun on the grey traffic filled London street.

The inside feels equally exotic featuring bamboo basket chairs, seating areas that look as though they are carved from rock and the bar which looks like a beach shack and has blow fish dangling from the ceiling. 


Perfect hide away to sit, eat and share cocktails



We may or may not have tried to put a straw in its mouth later in the night

Check out the tropical themed bar which offers up a variety of rums from a number of pacific, Caribbean regions as well as a selection rare spirits.



There are signature cocktails such as Pele, Mango Bango and Island Princess as well as a selection of Tiki inspired cocktails such as Mai Tai, Diki Diki, Planters Punch and the classic Pina Colada. If there’s a few of you why not go for an exciting sharing cocktail that comes in a purpose designed canoe or seashell. There is also a great food menu so we suggest you book a table to enjoy the full Island life experience! Visit there site here to find out more or to book a table.



Essential Info


247 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, London SW11 1JW

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