The Doodle Bar, Battersea

Next stop on your social agenda… The Doodle Bar! This place is a highly original and creative hub with a playful heart. Remember all those decades ago being told off by the rents for scribbling on the walls? Then a few years later finding the compulsion to start etching your name on the desk during a particularly boring maths class? Well for all those doodle addicts out there The Doodle Bar in Battersea may well be the place for you.


First created in Battersea as a pop-up bar, The Doodle bar is now a permanent and well-loved fixture. Hidden down an alleyway you will see the bar’s name on an unassuming neon sign. The fact that this place used to be a dairy becomes evident as soon as you step inside and are confronted with a large industrial type space, split into different areas each with a rustic feel that uses the factory-esque vibe to its advantage.


There is a changing roster of various types of street food on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as street food boxes on weekdays which somehow adds to the off beat, relaxed vibe this bar exudes.

For the culture vultures there is a constant stream of cool and quirky events happening in the adjoining ‘Testbed’ space ranging from alternative films to theatre productions and life drawing classes, so keep an eye on their website for updates. And of course there’s the Doodle Bar’s main attraction, its famous doodle wall which consists of a large chalkboard covering the brick wall where you can doodle away to your heart’s content creating silly peoms or elaborate works of doodle art for fellow drinkers to wonder at. There’s even a ping pong area for an added slice of fun in between the eating, socialising and chalkboard action.


This is a lively and vibrant hangout with an eclectic crowd of friendly people. We have yet to find something not to love about this place!

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