King of Ladies Town

The King of Ladies Man, Battersea

There is nothing out of the ordinary about this launderette… except the fact it’s a bar. And a retro breakfast club. This 70’s themed caf serves up some perfect brunch options such as pancakes with maple syrup, milkshakes and smoothies, bacon and eggs, burgers and plenty more.

Now here comes the fun part… If you’re someone who likes secret rooms and read too much Enid Blyton as a child (awkward cough) then you will definitely enjoy delving into the secret bar disguised behind a sliding door in the launderette-  just the kind of quirky thrill we like!



2015-05-14 01.14.29

You will soon find yourself inside a 70’s bachelor pad complete with classic retro cocktails, (the Pina Coladas or the tequila sunrises should take you back to the golden era of bell bottoms and mullets) random pink flamingos and some classic playboy additions lining the wall, well we did say bachelor pad.


Our eyes were drawn to the stained glass window for some reason… can’t think why!


For more fun and frolics try The King of Lady’s Man’s sister venue, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in Spitalfields, the secret speakeasy that everyone is talking about! Perfect for revellers seeking to escape the mainstream party scene.

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