The South Pole Saloon, Brixton

It was a drizzly wet night when we set off on our trek to find out more about Brixton’s latest addition to the Christmas party scene- an adult Winter Wonderland named, rather intriguingly ‘The South Pole Saloon.’
The invitation stated ‘Legend has it that deep in the snow drifts of the South Pole, there is a Saloon. This cosy, other worldly dive bar is where the elves who have forsaken Father Christmas come out to play.’
In a random coincidence on the day of our visit Ginnie had been playing an elf all day for some promotional work and so this seemed like the perfect place for her to take off her pointed red shoes and relax after a long day of Elfing duties.
It wasn’t long before we encountered some interesting characters


Following the delicious smells that hung in the air we soon found our way to the food and bar area (It doesn’t usually take us long). I decided to go for some Indian food to warm me up. In a jiffy the lovely staff had prepared a pancake that was light as air, filled with spicy vegetables and served with a cooling coconut chutney.
Although it tasted lovely I would say that it wasn’t very substantial so perhaps try something else if you’re super hungry! Ginnie was drawn to ‘Butchies’ where she ordered the buttermilk chicken burger. Taking into consideration the size of the burger I decided to help her out with a bite or two- that’s what sisters are there for after all?! I can honestly say it was one of the best chicken burgers I’ve tried, I recommend you go on an empty stomach and indulge!
 There is also a wood fire pizza stall and a ‘Pastry Girls’ cake stall if you still have room for something sweet… One Christmas sprite certainly seemed interested
Needing something to wash it down with our next stop was the a wild west inspired whisky bar serving up a range of Jack Daniels and Bacardi cocktails.
Because the cues were rather long and I had built up quite a thirst by the time I’d got to the front, it seemed a sharing barrel was the only logical choice! I chose the ‘Honey Punch’ cocktail, a refreshing blend of Jack Daniel’s Honey, fresh lemon juice, mint, apple juice and apple cider.
Ginnie looked like she had just seen Santa Claus climbing down the chimney when I brought it over.
Feeling ever so slightly whoozy and noticing the party atmosphere had picked up we decided to venture deeper into the Saloon to explore.
We certainly were’nt disappointed.
After walking past some snow covered trees we followed the twinkling coloured lights and found ourselves in a whole new party area
After being saluted by a rather sexy Army girl we made our way through a set of saloon style swing doors and found ourselves in yet another party room brimming over with revellers crowding round the bar and looking expectantly towards the stage.
We didn’t have to wait long to find out why as suddenly all eyes turned to the stage and a beautiful red headed Burlesque dancer presented herself to the audience. The crowd watched enthralled as she used a sheet hanging from the ceiling to  pull herself up twisting and contorting her body like a gymnast into different provocative positions.


We would have liked to have stayed longer but like two mischievous urban Cinderellas we knew we had to catch the tube home.

If you too have had enough of being good for Santa and want to party with the naughty Christmas elves then we think you’ll love The South Pole Saloon- who knows we might even see you down there!

Opening Times: 18:00 – 00:00 (Saturdays: 16:00 – 23:00) on selected dates until 23rd December
We have a busy week here at Quirky London towers catching up on all the Christmas shenanigans. This week we are heading to Disco Picnic in Peckham, a 3 week festival of food, fashion and music so keep an eye out to find out what we thought! For a sneak peak check out their facebook here:
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