Trisha’s, Soho

This place may be the marmite of the London scene. Well we at QL are not great lovers of marmite but…. we love Trisha’s.
Following vague rumours and dodgy sat navs we wandered around Soho on the mission of finding this seemingly elusive bar. Finally stopping to ask directions from a bouncer at a nearby club that was barely discernible from all the other mainstream clubs in London, we were told ‘It’s across the road down some stairs but you don’t want to go there- it hasn’t changed since the 60’s.’ Little did he know how that he could hardly have recommended it more highly to us.
Behind a blue door and down a shabby staircase you will find someone waiting to sign you in at the bottom before you enter what almost feels like someone’s home, and certainly the vibe lives up to this as the crowd is relaxed and friendly. The fact that there isn’t room to swing a cat in this place simply seems to enhance the appeal, making people more sociable and creating the mood of a private party.
The walls are covered in retro posters and magazine clippings and there are unusual objects scattered about such as a pair of boxing gloves by the bar and a bunch of seemingly ancient bells hanging from the ceiling. There is a tiny smoking area outside and a bar that is really only big enough to have one person behind it but this is all part of the quirky charm that makes this one of the longest established and best loved ‘secret’ bars in London.

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